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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Art and the Apple Computer

Many of us are saddened by the passing of Steve Jobs as was I.

I wanted to share a bit of history I have had with the computer he created. I'm part of a generation of newspaper artists who switched from working with pens and inks and paints to creating art on the Mac. It was exciting and new territory for us as we learned how to create art using a mouse instead of a pen. As I look back, I remembered a drawing I did that I considered a break though on my part with creating art on a computer. It is the spider picture above, done for a story about a spider's anatomy. It was done on a Mac Classic like the one shown above. I later colorized the image. I was very proud of this drawing and have kept it on file all these years. As the years past we would upgrade to new computers and new possibilities became available with program upgrades and enhanced features on the computers we used. I have since created many wonderful pieces of art on Macs and PCs and continue to use and enjoy the computer as an art medium.

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